Tuff Terrain Wagon (Red) £64.99

  Tuff Terrain Wagon



Tuff Terrain Wagon

Larger original classic red wagon with wooden stake sides and air tyres to handle any terrain.

  • Fold-under handle for easy storage.
  • Full sized rounded no scratch seamless steel edges.
  • 10" Air tyres with a car valve inflate to 30psi can handle any terrain.
  • No-pinch ball joint keeps fingers safe.
  • Tipping prevented by wide turn radius.
  • Steel body protected by rust resistant enamel coating.
  • EN71 tested and CE certified.


The handle steers the front axle with 10" pneumatic rubber tyres on metal wheels to handle any terrain. The wooden sides serve to prevent loads from toppling.The tyres inflate up to 30psi using a standard car valve so you can adjust them according to surface/load.The external body is 40cm wide (the tyres come out a bit wider), 86cm long, 54cm high from the floor to the top of the wooden railings and 24cm deep from the top sides to inside bottom of metal tray. The lengthy handle is 80cm long. The maximum payload for this wagon is 150KG. Not only are they a fabulous help around the home and garden; all terrain wagons are a must for the beach, country park and really mucky ground.

Tuff-Terrain Measurements:

External Height (w/o awning) 54cm.

External dimensions 40cm wide x 86cm long x 24cm deep (with wooden side rails.)

Internal tray dimensions 38cm wide x 83cm long x 24cm deep (with wooden side rails.)

Handle Length 80cm

Wheel specs 10” pneumatic, standard stem valve.

or add on a cushion seat...

(price list including cushion seat.)


Watch the Tuff Terrain in action!