Monster Cargo Wagon (SOLD OUT!)

So excited, our new Monster Cargo wagon is now here. Same Tuff Terrain brand axle design with the fold-under handle. This time we've gone for natural products, the thick wooden base won't get hot in the sun like metal wagons do (we all remember burning our backsides on metal slides.) Forget dents, rust or chipped paint. Skorupa's Wagons also decided to get a bit road hog and go for the double-wide tyres, the Monster Cargo wagon will laugh in the face of the deepest festival mud. Our successful Jumbo wagon has always been a fave for festivals but the new Monster Cargo has a better flat-bed capability for all of those trips between the car and your actual camp-site. All Monster Cargo wagons include the canopy, cushion seat and attachable pack (the most useful bit of kit.)
As always, we cover our wagons with a 1-year warranty and stock spares.
Here are the dimensions to measure out your boot (trunk) and we have a real-live English speaking human-being to help with assembly if you need :)

Handle: 93cm (longer than the Tuff terrain wagon.)
Height: (flatbed) 35cm, (with railings) 54cm and (with canopy) 101cm.
Width: 50cm
Cushion Interior: 92cm x 44cm
Weight: 17Kg
Load Capacity: 375 lbs

*fruit cushions not included.