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All of our Tuff Terrain® wagons have been upgraded to have fold-under handles. You asked and we listened. Now they fit easily into the boot of your car.


Classic Tuff Terrain in red. 



Classic Tuff Terrain in pink


Soft grip handle + transparent canopy.



Monster Cargo Wagon 


JUMBO is the UK's largest covered wagon...45% wider, 23% deeper and 15% longer than the original Tuff Terrain wagon. It's the limo of the festival scene, especially now as it comes with it's own "JUMBO" cushion and Western-style canopy. Our red JUMBO has a fold-under handle feature to allow for easy storage!

A big thank-you to our customer Rob for sharing this video...

We import and supply iconic American heritage 

Tuff Terrain®

 wagons.These simple but versatile tools that are based on the traditional retro american pull wagons are great for carrying a huge range of items: on the beach, in the garden, festivals, camping, even to pet owners who need a bit of extra help getting them around! Everyone loves to see them in action out-n-about. With pneumatic tyres for improved "off road" ability and a max load capacity of 300lbs, it's no wonder Americans have grown attached to them!
PS. Thanks to everyone who have shared their wagon adventures, we love the feedback.
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     is a registered trademark.

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