Conestoga wagon £59.99


The Conestoga

These are simple and very versatile wagons based on the traditional American wild west "Conestoga" wagon. The red snap-on covering is water proof, ideal for blustery days and for little ones peeking out.

They are great for carrying a huge range of items- picnics, in the garden, camping holidays, on the beach, at music festivals,- in fact these are excellent for owners of puppies or disabled older dogs who want to pull them around. (We use ours to save fuel for local trips to the store, definitely good value for money.)

The handle steers the front axle with 10.5" pneumatic rubber tyres on metal wheels for improved "off road" ability.  The wooden sides are made from certified wood and steel and can be easily removed if desired. The tyres inflate up to 30psi using a standard car valve so you adjust them according to surface/load. They really are a fabulous help around the home and garden. Please be advised that dropping loaded wagons off elevated curbs may cause injuries, these tools were designed to remain on all four wheels. 

Conestoga wagons are defined as tool carts, not tested for the UK EN71 toy standard catagorization.


External Height (with awning) 97cm.

External dimensions 60cm wide x 94cm long x 53cm

Internal dimensions 40cm wide x 74cm long x 23cm deep.

Handle Length 85cm

Wheel specs 10” pneumatic, standard stem valve.

Max capacity 300lbs

Wagon weight 17KG


*This wagon is designed for use by adults. It is not tested as a toy.
Chris Skorupa,
24 Jul 2011, 08:40