About Us

We import and supply iconic American heritage Tuff Terrain wagons.These simple but versatile tools that are based on the traditional retro american pull wagons are great for carrying a huge range of items: on the beach, in the garden, kids at festivals, even to pet owners who want to help them get around! Kids love playing with them and they are far more versatile than prams or pushchairs as children can sit n play or even lie down. With pneumatic tyres for improved "off road" ability and a max load capacity of 300lbs, it's no wonder Americans have grown attached to them.

Wagons were on Time Magazine's Top 100 Toys of All Time list. For me, I guess you could say it all started about 35-years ago as a 5-year old in the 70's during the sweltering deep-south summer holidays with my trusty mustard coloured wagon and Raggedy-Ann doll. That was back when the hard rubberized wheels would rattle your teeth out.

Fast forward to 2003 in Southeast London for Christmas. Under the tree was a massive present from our American Santa Claus addressed to our little boy. Everyone fell in love with our All Terrain wagon. Each occasion out of the door attracted curiosity as to where they could be purchased. Finally we decided to begin selling All Terrain wagons on Loot only available to local pick-ups.

As our family grew we moved away from the city into Essex. In Colchester since 2008, we've been showing off our wagons locally ever since. 

Thank-you for learning about us and we hope you can find the wagon right for you.

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